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We’re Ranked Tops by Massachusetts Insurance Commission

The Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission’s Clinical Performance Improvement Initiative (CPI) is an ongoing assessment of the performance of individual physicians.  Using all commercial claims data from 6 health plans in Massachusetts, Dr. Matthew R. Brackman was ranked nearly 20% more efficient in surgery than his peer surgeons.  With specific surgical procedures, Dr. Brackman was ranked 25% more efficient in Weight Loss Surgery, 26% more efficient in gallbladder surgery, 44% more efficient in hernia surgery, and a whopping 50% more efficient in appendicitis and management of GI disease.

Efficiency is a measure of cost which therefore takes into consideration complications.  Efficient surgeons are cost effective in part due to low complications, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery and return to work.  Not only that, but because of Dr. Brackman’s top efficiency status, patients pay less to see him.  Copays for top tier surgeon are about 1/3 of those for lowest tier surgeons.  As healthcare shifts to focus on cost and quality, surgeons like Dr. Brackman will be in higher demand.

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